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Present and Past Staff

Lucien le Grange (B.Arch (UCT), M.Arch U.D.(Rice, USA), MIA Arch S.A. SACAP Reg. No. 2781)


Ivan Smidt (NDA.T3 (Pentech), M.Phil  (UCT,Conservation Studies)

Simone le Grange (B.A.S., B. Arch (UCT), M.Arch UD (Berkeley) MIA Arch S.A.)

Luc le Grange (B.A.S., BAS Hons., M.Arch (UCT))

Beth Heyns

Quinton Pop (B.A.S., B. Arch(UCT) MIA Arch SA)

Jordan Perlman (B.A.S., B. Arch(UCT) MIA Arch SA)

David Bennett (B.A.S., B. Arch(UCT))

Mughsin Parker (B.A.S., BAS Hons., M.Arch (UCT))

Gavin Pike (B.Arch (UCT), MIA Arch S.A)

Zachary Carstens (NDA.T3 (Pentech) 

Jean Wastie (B.A.S., B. Arch(UCT))

Carla Soudien (B.A.S., B. Arch(UCT) MIA Arch SA) 

Erling de Beer (NDA.T3 (Pentech) 

Emil Sinclair (B.A.S., B. Arch(UCT))

Clive Truter (B.A.S., B. Arch(UCT))

Zack Emannuel (B.A.S.(UCT))

Mariet Mundey (B.A.S., BAS Hons., M.Arch (UCT))

Panny Ren B.A.S., BAS Hons., M.Arch (UCT)


In Memoriam:

Maureen le Grange

Charmaine Rustin

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