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District Six Pilot Project Housing

the first 24 houses

After a lengthy restitution process, and as a pilot project, 24 houses were designed and built. 
These houses make use of the urban design guidelines of the District Six Urban Design Development Framework (completed by Lucien le Grange Architects & Urban Planners and Nisa Mammon Urban Planners). 
The inspiration for the houses comes from the Heritage Impact Assessment (completed by Lucien le Grange Architects & Urban Planners). This project endevours to find modern, subtle and sensitive ways of building medium density housing, inspired by but not copying what was historically there.
The occupants of these houses are the first claimants to be moved back to District Six after being forcibly removed by the Apartheid regime.
Chapel Street Elevation
First 24 houses PLAN & SECTION
Chapel Street Elevation 2
Chapel Street Door Detail
Chapel Street Detail view
Chapel Street Sidewalk Perspective
Corner of Chapel & Stuckeris Streets
Cnr Rutger and Chapel Streets
Rutger Street Elevation
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